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Focusing on Hiring for the First Time

Business Background

We’re involved on an informal basis with a number of tech start-ups. We give support and advice free of charge, and we love being part of a network that’s so full of energy, enthusiasm and passion for the tech sector.

One of the companies we’ve got to know well had reached that point all successful new organisations have to get through – taking on the first new hire.

Recruitment Challenge

Taking on a new recruit is often a difficult decision – without additional resource, growth can be stifled. But taking on new resource without initially having the increased revenue to offset the added cost can be a gamble.

In embryo companies, it’s absolutely crucial to make sure every single new person is right. It’s often not just a case of the skillset, but also a mindset that matters.

Focus 5 Solution

We took time to understand exactly what it was that the business wanted to achieve, and what they wanted the new recruit to bring to the organisation.

We thought about the tasks that the company owner was currently doing himself, and worked with him to identify what he could delegate to the right candidate, freeing him up to focus on driving the business forward.

Taking onboard the plans the company had for its future, we suggested an alternative solution to the option they’d been pursuing.

We suggested recruiting a skilled Business Development Manager and outlined the potential benefits of a stepped approach. We recommended recruiting a part-time BDM to work initially on a contract basis.

This gave both the company and the successful candidate the flexibility needed to proceed with confidence and meant that the company had absolute clarity and control over the costs involved in recruiting and retaining staff, particularly around sick leave, holiday entitlement and pension commitments.


We’ve been delighted to see how quickly the successful candidate has begun to make a positive impact.

He’s adding significant value, and revenue is increasing as a result.

The company is already considering offering a permanent, rather than contract role, with an option to increase to full-time hours.

If you’re looking to make that all-important initial hire, get in touch, we’ll be happy to help ensure you’re getting just the person you need, to achieve exactly the outcome you’re looking for.

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