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Focusing on Building an In-House Team

Business Background

Focus 5 have been working with one of the UK’s largest, and most trusted financial lifestyle solutions companies. This company know that it’s people that really matter, defining the company’s culture. They know people work better when they’re happy in their jobs and are passionate about what they do. Getting recruitment right is a key part of this.

The company has recently received significant PE funding and has ambitious plans. They knew that technology was going to be key in driving change and transformation. Up until this point, IT support and delivery had been outsourced to a Managed Services Provider. This had been a suitable solution, but the new plans required ownership and strategic direction to be brought in-house.


Recruitment Challenge

Bringing IT in-house was a big undertaking. From developers to analysts to project managers, an entire lifecycle team was going to be needed, over a timescale of six months.

The twin challenges – the sheer number of roles and timeframe to onboard them – demanded a clear, dedicated and structured approach.

Focus 5 Solution

Over the six month period, we worked with the Chief Procurement Officer, agreeing and creating job specifications.

The culture at this company is very special, and we kept this front of mind at all times through the process. We had to make sure we were looking for people that not only had the right skills but would also be a good fit culturally for the organisation.


A new team can take a while to really bed in and get going, but with this client they’ve rapidly moved through the forming stage to performing, with productivity increasing as a result.

The company is seeing a monthly saving of over £10k, and crucially now has the agility within its in-house team to react rapidly to changing market conditions and new working patterns.

If you’re looking to create or add to your in-house team, get in touch, we’ll be happy to help drive through the process and secure a return on your investment.

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