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Focusing on Supporting In House Recruitment

Business Background

We’ve recently been helping a business that’s been facing a ‘positive’ sort of problem.

This tech focused company has been growing steadily, and has reached that stage which many similar companies will recognise – a recruitment drive that was threatening to overwhelm the in-house recruiter and call a halt to ambitious, business-critical plans.

Recruitment Challenge

Having received an injection of private equity investment funding, the company was primed to expand, with a strong strategic vision and clear goals.

To make these plans a reality, a number of key roles were created. The company has an experienced in-house recruiter who began the search for the candidates they needed, alongside company directors who were closely involved in the process.

It soon became clear that managing the number of responses to the multiple roles on offer was going to be a significant challenge. There were simply too many for the in-house recruiter to manage within the timescales the business had set, and the slow progress was setting back the drive for expansion and development.

Focus 5 Solution

We were approached to provide support to the in-house recruiter.

Working together, we identified which of the roles were proving most difficult to fill. Taking these specific roles, we were able to thoroughly review potential candidates who were actively looking for a new role.

We also looked hard at the passive market – skilled specialists who although not actively job hunting, were a great fit for the roles available, and who proved open to an informal approach.

Throughout the process, we worked hand in hand with the in-house recruiter and the directors who were actively engaged in filling the roles. Meanwhile, the in-house recruiter was able to focus on successfully filling the remaining roles.


We’ve successfully placed a Marketing Manager and a Developer with the company, both of whom have settled quickly into their new roles.

Plans for expansion and development are now back on track, and the company is confident of hitting its initial objectives on time and on budget.

If time is short, or the volume of applications is mounting, get in touch, we’ll be happy to help keep mission-critical goals on target.

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