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Put your passion to work.

If you’re looking for a new role, regardless of sector, level of seniority and years of experience, there are some basic bits of advice we give to all of our candidates.

We hope this might help set you up in the right way to maximise your opportunity to find the perfect role for you!

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Decide what you’re looking for!

Sounds simple but you’d be surprised how many candidates just desperately apply for ANY role with the slightest similarity to their experience.

In a market where there are more candidates than jobs, concentrate your efforts on the opportunities most closely aligned with your skills and experience – your success rate will be significantly improved!

Contact the right recruiter!

This is again about improving your chances of success.

End clients pay recruiters for finding the right candidates and that means candidates with highly relevant experience.

It’s too easy to waste time dealing with recruiters who won’t be able to help with your search.

Do your research and ask those in your sector who they recommend. Deal with the right recruiter and your success rate will be significantly improved!

Put your CV out there!

There is a right way to do this and hopefully this tip will help.

Get your CV registered on the RIGHT job boards – ones which cover the industry or skill set you work within.

To find out which board to register with do a simple Google search to see which boards advertise your type of role.

This is the key though – update your profile on a weekly basis. Agency and internal recruiters search job boards for CVs and results are often ranked in order of activity – regular updates will put you to the top of those searches!

Drink coffee!

Not just for the sake of it but have a coffee with relevant people in your network.

One of the most likely ways to find a new opportunity is through your existing network.

Reach out to ex-colleagues and people well connected in your industry; when you let the right people in your network know you’re looking and you take the time to meet with them in person, you’ll be surprised the lengths others will go to in order to help.

Update your LinkedIn profile!

This is equally important whether you can be seen as being “active” or not, LinkedIn is a key tool used by internal and agency recruiters alike.

If you’re not putting your current role at risk, then update your profile picture with the “open to work” icon so people know that you’re looking for new opportunities.

Either way, populate your profile and employment details with RELEVANT detail.

Think what recruiters will be searching for – key skills, sectors you’ve worked in, achievements etc. If the information isn’t on your profile, they simply won’t find you.

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