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Our Top 5 Creative Job Applications

Getting your job application to stand out in a sea of CVs can be difficult. Over the years, candidates have found new creative ways to land their dream jobs, including stopping by the office with cakes spelling out ‘Hire Me’ and standing outside with signs to grab the hiring managers attention. So, we have put a focus on our 5 favourite ways people have applied to jobs and, in many cases, landed them, let’s get into it:

1) Bid on key words...

One of our favourites has to be from Ash Liddle applying to Rise at Seven. Ash is fresh out of Uni and was determined to get CEO Carrie Rose’s attention, so to make sure his application stood out, he purchased an ad so that every time someone googled ‘Rise at Seven’, his application would pop up!

This is an application tactic we’ve never seen before, and it caught the eye of many people and gained thousands of likes and retweets on Twitter.

It was safe to say it worked! Carrie replied to his tweet and set up an interview. Ash posted later that month confirming he will be joining Rise at Seven as a Content Executive.

2) Go viral...

TikToker @iamrosiehs applied for a Social Media Manager role at Bad Brownie Co; the hiring manager replied saying she didn't think she had the experience required for the position, but she was happy to give her a chance and offered her an interview if she was willing to prove her wrong. Challenge accepted.

The company set Rosie a task to create an Instagram reel advertising their brownies; it would then be posted on their business account to see how their audience would react.

Check it out below:

Her reel BLEW UP! Not only did it go viral on the Bad Brownie's page but also on Tiktok.

Rosie uploaded a Tiktok to her personal page asking people to engage with the post, and it was safe to say her followers understood the assignment!

Rosie's video hit the millions and received constant engagement from loyal tiktokers. Unfortunately, she wasn't offered the role. However, after this viral post, she received several interviews and secured a Social Media Coordinator role at Selfridges!

Check out the Tiktok that kick-started it all here.

3) Create a playlist...

This one is straight from our very own Marketing and Operations Partner. To get the hiring manager’s attention, Lucy sent a Spotify playlist along with her CV to apply for a Senior Marketing Executive Role. Check it out below:

And it worked! She landed an interview, and they loved her passion for the brand… unfortunately, Beauty Bay were looking for someone with at least two years more experience for this particular role… but their loss is our gain!! Lucy originally got the idea from someone on Tinder who sent her his number this way a few years back. It also didn’t work out with him either… so maybe the playlist technique doesn’t have much luck after all!

4) Netflix but add a little bit of spice…

We’re beginning to look like a Rise at Seven stan account, but it’s just because they have sooo many unique applications! They even have a Youtube video dedicated to their creative apps here.

Introducing Ellaflix.

Ella transformed her CV into a Netflix account for the CEO’s of Rise at Seven. Each page of the application was tailored into different formats inspired by Netflix.

Check it out below:

The amount of time and effort Ella put into her application was amazing. The hiring managers were definitely impressed; she has now been at Rise at Seven for six months as a Junior Social Media Executive.

5) Taking it old school...

While searching for our favourite applications, we called on our favourite marketing group, Pretty Little Marketers, for a helping hand. This is where we found Ellie Moore, and she told us all about her incredible VCR tape application.

Ellie was applying for an Undergraduate Marketing role during the first lockdown, so decided she wanted to create a homemade application, using only what she had to hand, to get herself noticed. She put her arts and crafts skills to the test, made her own paper TV, and upgraded a VHS tape. Inside the TV was popcorn and movie tickets, along with some instructions to explain her movie night application.

Ellie then burnt a hole in the VHS tape and stuck a USB stick with inside, on it was a homemade video. She filmed the whole thing with a vintage VHS filter and explained why she would be perfect for the role. It was even completed with bloopers which we love!

A week later, Ellie then sent in a subscription package to the company for more homemade films. She did her research and found out the person reviewing the applications was a huge Friends fan, so named each film/episode 'The one with ....' to appeal even more to her!

Although Ellie received loads of attraction on social media after posting about her application and was even featured on the brand’s Instagram, she was unfortunately unsuccessful.

We absolutely loved the homemade vibe on this application and the amount of effort she put into this, so it was definitely one of our favourites. Check out her work below:

It was tough to narrow down our top 5 because we found so many more that we would have loved to include!

But we still think they deserve a special mention, so keep your eyes on our social media pages for upcoming posts – and whilst you’re there, hit the follow button!

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