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Working in Tech Or Hiring In Tech, Focus 5 Are Here For You!

The tech sector is evolving more quickly than probably any other area, with new roles being created as businesses realise the increasing importance of IT, tech and development.

What Tech roles do Focus 5 recruit?

Working with a wide range of companies, whether you’re a company or candidate looking for a role or hire within a SaaS company, e-commerce, fin-tech, health-tech, cyber security or other Tech company, finding the right role or people to take your business forward is what we do.

At Focus 5, we specialise in recruiting for specialist roles, such as:

  • Full Software Development Life Cycle

  • IT Support – Helpdesk to 3rd Line Support

  • Developers – Front End, Back End, Open Source, Windows stack

  • Project Managers

  • Business analysts

  • Software Testers

  • IT Management

  • Software Engineers

  • Technical Sales

Mac Desktop

What key skills and knowledge are required?

Depending on the role, you’re likely to need specific technical skills, however, there are many areas where we look for a very wide range of experience and expertise.

  • Communication skills, written and verbal, including presentation skills

  • Collaboration skills

  • Data analysis

  • Problem-solving

  • Customer service skills

  • Attention to detail

  • In-depth understanding of social media channels

  • Knowledge of sector-specific legislation and compliance requirements

Qualifications vs Experience

In Tech, Qualifications are often less important than experience, especially in coding and development.
There, being self taught can be a distinct advantage and experience is certainly most important.

There are, however, some qualifications in demand or starting to become more popular (mostly in IT Support, Engineering and Architecture) these include:

  • AWS or Azure Certification

  • CompTIA  Network Certification

  • ITIL qualification

  • Microsoft Qualifications

  • Project Methodology Certification

  • Cisco, Linux, Oracle specific qualifications

  • ISTQB Software Testing Courses


Average Salary

Tech salaries vary, depending on the skills, experience and location; on average you could expect the following salary:

  • Information technology and telecommunications directors – £69,409

  • IT business analysts, architects and systems designers – £47,948

  • Information technology and telecommunications managers – £42,473

  • IT project and programme managers – £48,051

  • IT support technicians – £30,298

  • Programmers and software development professionals – £42,984

  • The average for full-time workers in the UK is is £36,611

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